We begin in the chilled landscape of Antarctica where a man is shooting at a dog from a helicopter, as the dog is soon moving into an American research base. The men on the American base do what any freedom loving American would do in this situation…they take the dog’s side. Once the deranged gunman is eliminated, the Americans welcome the dog to the team and peacefully go back to work like nothing weird just happened. Soon enough, big friendly dog turn into big slimey monster! Luckily, Mac had the flamethrower at the ready. Soon we realize that…there…was a reason they were shooting at the dog. Shocked? Me too. Anyways Wilford Brimley, Mr. Dia Beetus himself, discovers that the dog is actually this thing that turns into living creatures and mimicks them to take over and spread like a virus thing. He has a total meltdown after his 1982 super computer with some pretty advanced software determines this thing would take over the world in no time if it reaches the mainland. He starts destroying stuff, and one by one each member of the crew starts morphing into monsters and McReady turns into Poiroit with a flamethrower. Once The Thing has morphed everyone into a super monster, Mac burns the whole base down and he and Childs are left…are they themselves or are they….The Thing? Join us as we break down what makes this John Carpenter cult classic so amazing.

Featuring: Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

The Front Row Flashbacks –

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