MONSTERCAST – Poltergeist

The Freeling family is living in a cookie cutter community in California, when strange happenings begin to occur. Furniture starts moving on it’s own, kids magically get shuffled across the room, trees start to attack children, and eventually the children’s bedroom closet swallows up the baby of the family, Carol Anne. As Carol Anne goes missing in the house and the happenings in the house grow clearly more sinister, the family decides to reach out to the fine folks in the Conjuring. These para-psychologists soon learn that this entity haunting the Freeling’s is beyond their skillset, so they call in the big-little guns. While the family continues to search for Carol Anne, Tangina, the sweet southern medium wrecking ball, ready to dance with a Poltergeist. The family along with Tangina come up with a plan to pull Carol Anne free from the other side with the power of a mother’s love. The family saves Carol Anne, Tangina declares this house is clean, and then we learn….its totally not. The evil entity cast out one last paranormal attack on the family to get the life force of Carol Anne. The Freeling’s escape and learn the construction company that designed this neighborhood moved a cemetery before building, only they moved the graves, but they didn’t move the bodies. Why?! WHY?! The family escapes and stays at an old school Holiday Inn.

Featuring: Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

The Front Row Flashbacks –

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