MONSTERCAST – Interview with David Weiner

Welcome to a special episode of Front Row Flashbacks for our Monstercast interview of writer/producer/director and friend of the pod, David Weiner. He is the director of the critically acclaimed documentaries In Search of Darkness Parts I and II, which focus on the history of 1980’s horror movies. Weiner also directed the documentary In Search of Tomorrow, which gives viewers a deep dive into 1980’s science fiction films. David has joined us in the past for an interview about his career, and to talk with us about the werewolf-classic American Werewolf in London. Today our interview focuses on In Search of Darkness Part III, and why he’s continued his trajectory into the great decade of horror movies. 

In Search of Darkness Part I & II can be viewed on Shudder, and In Search of Darkness Part III is available for purchase until Halloween 2022 at

Featuring: Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

The Front Row Flashbacks –

To learn more about David Weiner or to support his documentary endeavors please visit the following sites: and @80sscifidoc (for socials) and @80shorrordoc (socials) and @ItCameFromBlog (socials)

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