Michael, Sam, and their mother are moving in with their grandpa in Santa Cruz after leaving the uber-progressive Phoenix. Michael, brooding with teen angst and wistful hair flips falls for a mystery girl who pals around with a group of leather-clad hair metal hoodlums. As he eyes the girl, his younger brother Sam turns out to be the coolest guy in the Santa Cruz comic shop, where he meets the Frog brothers, who nerdily express their belief that Santa Cruz is filled with vampires. As Sam and Michael’s stories converge on the titular Lost Boys, their mother is a dating a local business owner, and huge dork, Max. Soon, Michael, as well as mystery girl Star have been turned into vampires, but one only reaches their full vampire status after their first kill. While these two fight their instinctual urge, Sam and the Frog Brothers come up with a plan to kill the original vampire in order to break the vampiric curse put upon Michael and Star. The real question is, can the gang find the grand count of Santa Cruz or will our teenage romantics fulfill their immortal destiny?

Listen in as we talk about how all the elements line up for this never grow up vampire flick.

Featuring: Jay Hoffman, Ryan Lootens, & Steve Sykes

The Front Row Flashbacks –

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