Monstercast – The Evil Dead

Join us as we flashback 40 years to the original blood and guts tale of The Evil Dead. Five twenty somethings take a minimalist vacation at a sketchy cabin in the woods that their friend got a heck of a deal on. After playing a recording from a tape player in the cabin where the ancient tongues of the Necronomicon bring forth an ancient evil and a series of possessions, we are left with scream king Ash Williams trying to survive the night. Can he make it through the night or will he become one of The Evil Dead?

We were lucky enough to have Steve Villeneuve and Martin Bruyère, creators of “Hail to the Deadites”, a documentary on Evil Dead fandom and an exploration the classic franchise’s undying and ever-growing popularity. “Hail to the Deadites” can be found on VOD.

HOSTS: Ryan Lootens, Erin McCabe, & Jay Hoffman

GUEST HOSTS: Steve Villeneuve and Martin Bruyère

Front Row Flashbacks Linktree:

Hail to the Deadites:

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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