Monstercast – An American Werewolf in London

Join us as we flashback 40 years to arguably the greatest werewolf movie ever made, An American Werewolf in London. David and his pal Jack did not heed the warning given on the Moors and one was left viciously mauled and the other transformed into a hound of hell. Along the way we find great humor, fast love, and the ever-looming threat of David’s new animalistic urges. London will never be the same.

We were lucky enough to have Riley, friend of the pod and lycanthropic expert as well as director David Weiner, who not only directed the fantastic In Search of Darkness Parts I & II documentaries, but also brought the cast of this werewolf classic on its 35th Anniversary. Give a listen as we discuss why there is so much more to this movie beyond the greatest werewolf transformation scene ever put on the big screen.

HOSTS: Ryan Lootens & Jay Hoffman

GUEST HOSTS: David Weiner & Riley

Cover art provided by Frederick Cooper. Find more of his art at

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To learn more about David Weiner or to support his documentary endeavors please visit the following sites: and @80sscifidoc (socials) and @80shorrordoc (socials) and @ItCameFromBlog (socials)

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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