Big Trouble in Little China

Join us in Chinatown where there is a kidnapping and lots of girls with green eyes. Pretty soon Jack Burton, Wang, and crew face off against Mortal Kombat wizards and cryptozoological creatures in Big Trouble in Little China, where mystical kung fu comedy ensues. Can Jack Burton help Wang stop the evil sorcerer or will he screw it up like the rest of his life?

Hosts: Ryan Lootens, Erin McCabe, & Jay Hoffman

Guest Hosts: Steve Sykes (A View From the Back Row)

Front Row Flashbacks: @Flashbacks | Linktree

A View From the Back Row: @VFTBR | Linktree

Flashbacks Highlander Episode: ‎Front Row Flashbacks: Highlander on Apple Podcasts

Flashbacks Mortal Kombat Episode: ‎Front Row Flashbacks: Mortal Kombat ’95 & ’21 on Apple Podcasts

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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