Escape From New York

Join us as we go back 40 years to a movie that looked ahead 18 years, to a time that is now 24 years ago, as we look at the John Carpenter cult classic – Escape from NY. \

The year is 1997, and the president of a tyrannical United States has had his plane hijacked and crashed into the maximum security prison formerly known as New York City. The security of the world depends on saving the president and ensuring the new world order stays intact. The government known for good decision making, decides to extort a former Special Forces veteran and world renown criminal Snake Plissken to save the president. Snake has 24 hours to accomplish this feat or die. Snake manages to avoid sewer dwelling scavengers and barbarian clad crooks on his journey through NY. Finally with the help of some old frenemies, he battles it out against a pimped-out version of Chef from South Park to save the President of the United States. Will Snake make it out alive? Does he trust his government to keep their word? Who’s the baddest man around? The names Plissken…

Hosts: Ryan Lootens, Erin McCabe, & Jay Hoffman

Guest Hosts: J.D. Reynolds & Phillip Kennedy Johnson

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Interview with Phillip Kennedy Johnson –

Phillip Kennedy Johnson:




Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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