Point Break

Front Row Flashbacks is headed into a adrenaline boosting, wave riding bank heist where a quarterback from The Ohio State attempts to stop four ex-presidents from robbing any more banks. Point Break gives an early stages action star Keanu Reeves joining up with Patrick Swayze playing one of the most likeable villains of all time. This movie truly has some special qualities that the remake never understood. Katherine Bigelow mixes nuance and emotion throughout this action packed 90’s Flashback!

FEATURING: Jay Hoffman, Ryan Lootens, Erin McCabe, and Louis Hare

Front Row Flashbacks: https://linktr.ee/Flashbacks

Louis Hare on Twitter @thefakelouhare

‎Guilty Pleasures on Apple Podcasts

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the Front Row!

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