The Rock

Front Row Flashbacks is going on a secret mission with James Bond and crazy Nic Cage to infiltrate Alcatraz to stop General Hummel from launching VX nerve gas into San Francisco. This movie has over-the-top action, dialogue and acting, and is pure enjoyment. Some say that this movie is the inspiration for Monster energy drinks! Join us as we try to figure out how a movie with so many flaws could be so entertaining.  

FEATURING: Jay Hoffman, Ryan Lootens, & Erin McCabe

Front Row Flashbacks:

Bad Boys Episode – ‎Front Row Flashbacks: Bad Boys on Apple Podcasts

Highlander Episode because Connery’s a boss – ‎Front Row Flashbacks: Highlander on Apple Podcasts

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACK and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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