Interview with David Weiner

Join the Front Row Flashbacks as we get the opportunity to interview David Weiner. He is the director of the critically acclaimed documentary In Search of Darkness Part I as well as it’s sequel In Search of Darkness Part II, which focuses on the history of 1980’s horror movies. Weiner is currently working on another documentary titled In Search of Tomorrow, which will give viewers a deep dive into 1980’s science fiction films. David gives us insights into why people love horror and why this particular decade of horror is remembered so fondly. His knowledge of 1980’s horror and sci-fi cinema is vast, and we were lucky enough to have him share that knowledge with us.

In Search of Darkness Part I can be viewed on Shudder, and In Search of Darkness Part II will be on Shudder starting April 26th.

Featuring: Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

The Front Row Flashbacks

To learn more about David Weiner or to support his documentary endeavors please visit the following sites: and @80sscifidoc (for socials) and @80shorrordoc (socials) and @ItCameFromBlog (socials)

Please enjoy this episode of FLASHBACKS, and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

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