Star Trek: First Contact

Join the crew of Front Row Flashbacks and the crew of the S.S. Enterprise in the fight to battle their villainous, space zombie enemies, The Borg. After successfully destroying the Borg Cube, the Borg were able to abort their Borg Sphere to enact their Plan B of enslaving humanity, which is to travel back in time to prevent the discovery of warp drive. Well, the artist formerly known as Locutus and crew follow them through time where we get the perfect two-part movie we never knew we wanted, Back to the Future meets Dawn of the Dead. One crew heads to Earth to help Zefram Cochrane, the drunk, punk rock genius that discovers warp drive, and the other forms a coalition to battle back space zombies on their ship. Will the Earth crew convince Farmer Hoggett to be the hero the future needs? Will the crew aboard the Enterprise find the Borg’s weakness to save their beloved ship? Give it a listen and find out!

Front Row Flashbacks Contact –

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